Ecstasy Massage

Meaning: This is an exclusive method of Tantric Massage. It is the original Tantra.

There is a sequence of procedures in the work started, we can observe that it is a massage with more dedication attention and much deepening, because according to our vision and experience and practice, we use sexual energy as a path of healing and transformation and expansion avoiding the idea sex and sexual, which in no way assists in the process of overcoming human needs.

It is important to consider that: Sexuality, when properly utilized, exploited is the most glorious gift we have to discover our own identity the essence of our being.

The ecstasy massage is part of a complex mechanism of therapeutic actions that work together the tone, muscular genitals, the coming and special sounds such as breathing techniques and vocalization in all its magnitude.

It is very important to know and understand that this is not a simple massage technique but a treatment with excellent therapeutic resources that act in an intimate way in sedimentated processes in the body's humors and glands resulting in healing and overcoming.

That is: This massage is a technique especially designed for couples who wish to improve the quality of their relationships by learning to know their partner's body better. A new and varied range of sensations and pleasures is experienced by the couple including increased orgastic potential for both men and women.
  1. It brings awareness and increases the sensitivity of the body;
  2. Awakens dormant sensory regions;
  3. Connects the voice and the breath to the upcoming sensations and emotions
  4. It helps you to take responsibility for improving your sex life.
  5. It opens new paths to ecstasy, healing, celebration and joy
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