Lingam Massage

Meaning: the symbol of creation, represented in Tantric rites as respecting creation, representing "the supreme power of transformation."

In Lingam Massage, the tantra is focused, oversized and intensified in the Penis (Lingam). It is important to emphasize that these genital manipulations are techniques that have nothing to do with masturbation, but with deeply studied and researched stimuli specifically applied with the purpose of increasing the sensory aspect of the genital region, providing a kind of pleasure and altered states of awareness and consciousness never experienced in usual masturbatory or sexual manipulations.

At this level, indescribable energy discharges occur, revealing an astonishing and unimaginable orgastic potentiality. There are multiple orgasms with or without ejaculation, with no decline in pleasure, and an expansion of energy toward the 7th Chakra - Saashara, a center of energy located at the top of the head, bound to the sacred, to the divine aspect that exists within us.

Orgasm is not the ultimate goal of Lingam Massage, although this can be a pleasant and very welcome effect from this manipulation. With the frequency of this stimulus, men take an immense leap in their sensory sensibility and intensity of pleasure, experiencing multiple successive dry (non-ejaculatory) orgasms, increased erectile support time, increased flexibility and enlargement of the penis (extension and width).

A Lingam Massage is an exceptional method for curing Premature Ejaculation, Impotence, difficulty in achieving orgasm and absence or low libido.

What are the benefits for men?

  1. Helps cure sexual dysfunctions (premature ejaculation, impotence, lack of libido).
  2. It enhances the physiology of the penis, modifying its sensory and energetic structure.
  3. Provides multiple ejaculations, multiple orgasms.
  4. It modifies the anatomy of the penis, increasing its flexibility.