Sensitive Massage

Meaning: And an exotic body therapy, the purpose of transcendence of self is to advance beyond the orbit of your ego, ie, awaken all the senses of body and mind! With lightness and softness. And one of the massages that aims to understand the human body as a complex physical and mental unit.

Sensations unknown, the ecstasy is so deep that you felt your whole body burning and thirsting for pleasures!

Have you ever imagined after an exhausting day, lying in a comfortable stretcher, with musics, soft, proper lighting and a massage worthy of the Gods?

We can say that their basic element is: "long and deep slips" Aiming at helping people regain their sense of contact and relationship with their bodies, often lost in daily stress.

Such an emotional state is most often caused by physical suffering, creating chronic muscle tension, which over time can cause fatigue and collapse.

Orgasm is not the ultimate goal of Lingam Massage, although this can be a pleasant and very welcome effect from this manipulation. With the frequency of this stimulus, men take an immense leap in their sensory sensibility and intensity of pleasure, experiencing multiple successive dry (non-ejaculatory) orgasms, increased erectile support time, increased flexibility and enlargement of the penis (extension and width).

Effects that vision improvement for itself:

  1. Effects and energy rebalancing
  2. Welfare
  3. Deep and subtle physical and mental relaxation.
  4. Self-consciousness of the corporal scheme.
  5. Increased sensitivity and ability to perceive internal and external.
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