Women's G-spot

Meaning: massage style that is based on Tantra, which is a philosophy emerged in 2,500 BC has its roots in Tantra Yoga

Dear client and reader, we will cite here a general summary of our observance regarding body massage in the woman's body, as we can observe the female G-spot massage and one of the most comprehensive and of utmost importance and relevance that our experience with women shows that when they come to us they arrive a little more reserved and with a certain distrust, which is foolishly understandable. Their sections can be marked with both a male therapist and a female therapist.

Feminine massage allows the sexual energy to be directed in a way that no sexual encounter has ever allowed. Female sexual power is ten times greater than what is usually recognized. That is why most machista cultures had to suppress and subjugate the woman for millennia. The session can be started with deep strokes to release strains from the back of the pelvis, and regain muscle pulse. Once the energy circulation and the muscular pulse have been activated, the female G-spot massage begins, as specific and soft touches are performed in the groin to stimulate female lubrication.

The feedback we receive from women after the sessions is very satisfactory. If they are based on the recognition of the strength of your body energy, new sensations never before felt with such depth and clarity, changes of values ​​and concepts in relation to the pleasure of your own body and much vitality and outward libido.

What are the benefits of G-Spot Women?

  1. Tones the intravaginal and clitoris muscles
  2. Multiple orgasms with possibility of ejaculation
  3. Coupon Orgasms
  4. Intense intravaginal manipulation
  5. It awakens the full potential of the Gräfenberg Gland (Point G), which needs very specific stimulations;
  6. Awakens dormant sensory regions;
  7. It provides the experience of multiple orgasms and orgasms of voucher (perennial, without decay after the climax)
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