Spot Massage

Meaning: exclusively male, because it acts in the genital region of the man, more specifically in the prostate.

It is important to understand that what we have learned about sexuality was not, in most cases, in a healthy way, where moral and religious influences misrepresented natural learning. The machismo rooted in our society condemns this form of pleasure that does not injure or mutilate masculinity.

Those who experience this work gain a new space of consciousness.

Once the energy circulation and muscle pulse are activated, the prostate massage begins, with more specific and soft touches, which are performed in the Ligam, testicles in the perineum region, alternately. The maneuvers vary, then, of intensity and location, in concomitance to stimuli produced in the Ligam.

The Glande in man has a specific sensitivity of pleasure, and its stimulation causes the Endocrine and Nervous System to produce and release hormones and organic chemicals. The body responds to these sensations in a totally ecstatic way.

The response of men to this treatment is positive by the knowledge of new forms of pleasure and multiorgasm. For the Company of Being, Tranta is to regard sex as a sacred privilege of human beings. It does not mean a religion or belief, but a lifestyle and conduct centered on the conquest of ecstasy.

All sessions begin with deep strokes to release strains on the back and pelvis, and regain muscle pulse. This is the moment where you learn to use the 3 keys to the energy circulation of healing:

  1. Breathing (to sustain excitation levels, dissolve blockages and generate greater fluidity);
  2. Movement (bodily connecting sensations);
  3. Sound (connect the sensations and the flow to the energy potential).
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