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Mary is the coordinator of the Tantric Therapy Unit in Salvador Bahia. The center of development of tantric massages began with the formation in the center of metamorphosis in Sao Paulo, by the method Deva nishok, period 11/09/2010 to 20/09/2010 there arose a deep interest in research and expansion of human sexuality after passing through tantra formation. She coordinated several courses in Salvador Bahia, and all the therapists accredited to the Mary Therapy Center were formed in the Mary therapy unit.

In Vitoria ES She started her work by forming and accrediting therapists in her Therapy Studio For 2 years, working for 7 years in Salvador Bahia coordinating the Mary Tantric Therapy Unit, with accredited therapists unit. The team of professionals Mary Therapy Tantric is highly qualified and properly accredited to the societies and institutions of national and international class.


Rua Archibaldo Baleeiro, 56 ,
Rio Vermelho, Salvador, BA
Cep: 41940-110

+5571 99967-7335 (Vivo) | 71 2137-8987
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