Yoni Massage

Meaning: The word and of Greek origin yoni that can be considered massage of conciliation of the antagonisms.

That is, it is an exotic or esoteric stimulus massage that affects sensitive parts of the female organ in Hinduism and is generally represented by creating a tantric space in which the woman becomes a recipient of her own sensation stimulus or vaginal arousal.

Well yoni massage helps to build confidence and intimacy as it is used to help break up sexual blockages or traumas. Her goal is not orgasm; Orgasms and often a nice side effect and very welcome.

The goal is simply to give pleasure and massage, that is, to manipulate the sexual energy in order to concentrate it, stimulate oneself to pleasure and maintain the levels of excitation of the pre-organic wave.

The massage begins with deep touches to release and release the tensions of the pelvis, thighs and abdomen, that is, it is like a key to stimulate the energy circulation of healing and integration. In the end, a meditation is done with the objective to direct the (prana) Vital Energy to awaken the kudalini.

What are the benefits for women?

  1. Helps in the healing of sexual diffusions (lack of libido, anorgasmia).
  2. ((Lack of orgasm), lack of lubrication (vaginismus).
  3. It potentiates the physiology of yoni (clitoris and vagina) and modifies its entire energetic sensory structure.
  4. It awakens all potential of the grafenberg gland (point C or G-spot).
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