Tantric Experience

Vivencia is a ritual of corporal sensitization, where you are led to a journey of awakening of the senses.The whole environment is prepared for you to experience tantric energy from your entry into the SPA through aromatherapy, music and visual relaxation. Experiencing feelings expands your sexual energy and the five senses (Tact, Smell, Taste, Vision and Hearing) that are stimulated through tantric artifices and practices. Sharpening and expanding the sensory capacity of the senses. It happens intense experiential learning of tantric practice for the patient who receives instructions of techniques such as sensory massage and massage yoni / lingam to practice with the partner. Considered a miniature experiential course, a Tantric experience may be able to be explored in the past by massage sessions and an evolution and capacity of its organic energy beyond the understanding and understanding of Kundalini's work of movement.

See below some stages of tantric experience.

Throughout the experience we use only elements of nature such as honey and fruits, vegetable oils, natural aromatic essences and other elements of sensitization. Experience is a Tantric ritual of interaction with your emotions and bodily senses that puts us in direct tune with the Universe as we work all our energy. Remembering that tantra is not sex! In no ritual does this occur, it is a way of experiencing pleasure in a different way.

What are the benefits of Tantric Living?

  1. Learning tantra in practice
  2. Learning to lead the partner in accessing your pleasure and developing your orgastic potential
  3. Learn about sex energy transportation
  4. Learning about your body and the body of the other
  5. Expansion of sensitivity, offering new sensations and pleasures
  6. Enables a significant prolongation of their functions of releasing pleasure, energy and orgasms.
  7. Significant increase in organic chemicals associated with pleasure such as Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphin
  8. Deliberation of orgasmic pleasure through the senses

  9. Duration: 2h / 30min -Value: US $ 1,500.00
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