Tantric Massage

Tantric, a massage that many people associate with tantric sex, but in the wrong way. Tantric massages are just that, massages, but without penetrating sex. However, if it is well done, there will be an orgasm. The problem lies in the Tantric term, which was used by the Hindus to describe personal growth through a existence with pleasure. The massage itself can cause orgasms, but it is just a bonus and not the purpose of the massage.

What is the tantric massage: What is important and what should be emphasized; Massage does not involve sex with penetration, but rather involves massage in the organs and that is why it is not a simple massage to find anywhere.

See below some specific clarifications of tantric massage.

Of course much is felt in massage and then tapped into sexual activity with partner, after all sex only makes sense when there is an exchange of energy between two people.

What are the benefits of tantric massage?

  1. Harmonizes sexuality through gentle touches throughout the body
  2. Cure for traumas and blockages
  3. The soft and deep touches of Tantric Massage, open the way for circular energy
  4. Bring more joy and pleasure to live, arousing sensuality and sensitivity
  5. Raises self-esteem
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